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What is the PHP-FPM Selector in CWP7, and how does it work?

What is the PHP-FPM Selector in CWP7, and how does it work?

What is the PHP-FPM Selector in CWP7, and how does it work?

What are the key functionalities and features of the PHP-FPM Selector in CWP7 that allow users to optimize PHP performance and resource allocation for their websites

What is the PHP-FPM Selector in CWP7, and how does it work?

At Free Spirits, we provide fast, stable, and reliable hosting based on the CWP7 project. Our main websites for reference are www.freespirits.gr and www.fspirits.com.

CWP7 is a powerful web hosting control panel that offers a variety of features to manage and optimize your websites. One of its notable features is the PHP-FPM selector, which allows users to choose their desired PHP-FPM version directly from the control panel. This enables better control and flexibility when it comes to PHP runtime environment for websites.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Accessing the CWP7 Control Panel

To access the CWP7 control panel, go to http://yourdomain.com:2030 and enter your login credentials.

Step 2: Navigating to the PHP-FPM Selector

Once you are logged in, look for the “PHP-FPM Selector” option in the control panel’s main menu. Click on it to proceed.

Step 3: Selecting the Desired PHP-FPM Version

In the PHP-FPM Selector interface, you will find a list of available PHP-FPM versions. Choose the version you want to use for your website, such as PHP 7.4, PHP 7.3, or PHP 7.2.

Step 4: Applying Changes

After selecting your desired PHP-FPM version, scroll down and click on the “Apply Changes” button to save your selection. CWP7 will automatically configure the chosen PHP-FPM version for your website.

Step 5: Verifying the PHP-FPM Version

To ensure that the PHP-FPM version has been successfully applied, you can check by accessing the “PHP Selector” or by visiting your website and inspecting the PHP runtime environment.

Actionable Tips

  1. Stay updated with the latest PHP-FPM versions to take advantage of performance improvements and security fixes.
  2. Regularly check for CWP7 updates to benefit from new features and optimizations.
  3. Test your website after changing the PHP-FPM version to ensure compatibility with your website’s codebase.

Actionable Insights

The PHP-FPM Selector in CWP7 empowers website owners by offering control over their PHP runtime environment. Choosing the appropriate PHP-FPM version can significantly impact website performance and security. It allows you to harness the benefits of new PHP features, enhancements, and improved stability.

At Free Spirits, we prioritize providing fast, stable, and reliable hosting services based on the CWP7 project. Our PHP-FPM Selector gives you the freedom to optimize your website’s performance and stay up-to-date with the latest PHP versions.

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What is the PHP-FPM Selector in CWP7, and how does it work?

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