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What is the difference between a boosted post and a Facebook ad?

What is the difference between a boosted post and a Facebook ad?

What is the difference between a boosted post and a Facebook ad?

How does a boosted post differ in terms of targeting options compared to a Facebook ad?

What is the difference between a boosted post and a Facebook ad?

Facebook offers various advertising options to help businesses and individuals promote their products, services, or content. Two commonly used options are boosted posts and Facebook ads. While both are effective tools, it is important to understand their differences and how they can benefit your specific goals.

Boosted Posts

A boosted post is a feature provided by Facebook that allows you to amplify the reach of an organic post from your business page. By boosting a post, you essentially “advertise” it to a wider audience beyond your existing followers.

Benefits of Boosted Posts:

  1. Increased Visibility: Boosting a post helps increase its visibility by showing it to a larger audience. This can be particularly useful to reach people who may not already follow your page.
  2. Easy Setup: Boosting a post is a simple and straightforward process. You can choose your target audience, budget, and duration of the boost with just a few clicks.
  3. Engagement Focus: Boosted posts are ideal for driving engagement, such as getting likes, comments, and shares on your content.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads, on the other hand, are more advanced advertising campaigns that give you greater control and customization options.

Benefits of Facebook Ads:

  1. Advanced Targeting: With Facebook ads, you can define your target audience using various criteria such as demographics, interests, and behavior. This helps you reach the most relevant audience for your content.
  2. Objective-Based Campaigns: Facebook ads allow you to set specific campaign objectives, such as driving website traffic, generating leads, or increasing brand awareness. The platform then optimizes the campaign to achieve your chosen goal.
  3. Greater Ad Creativity: You have more creative options with Facebook ads, including carousel ads, video ads, and canvas ads. This enables you to deliver a more engaging and visually appealing experience to your audience.
  4. Ad Placement Control: Facebook ads provide control over where your ads appear, both on Facebook and within the Facebook Audience Network. You can choose specific placements such as news feed, instant articles, or right column ads.


Choosing between a boosted post and a Facebook ad depends on your specific goals and requirements. Boosted posts are perfect for increasing visibility and driving engagement, while Facebook ads offer more customization options and precise targeting capabilities.

Here at Free Spirits, we specialize in creating effective Facebook campaigns tailored to your unique needs. Whether you require a boosted post or a comprehensive Facebook ad campaign, we have the expertise to deliver the best possible results. Visit our websites www.freespirits.gr and www.fspirits.com to learn more about our services and how we can assist you.

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What is the difference between a boosted post and a Facebook ad?

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