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What is the ClamAV Antivirus Scanner in CWP7 used for?

What is the ClamAV Antivirus Scanner in CWP7 used for?

What are the key features and functionalities of the ClamAV Antivirus Scanner ⁣within⁢ CWP7

What is the ClamAV ​Antivirus Scanner ⁢in CWP7 used for?

At Free ⁤Spirits, we provide fast, stable, and reliable hosting ‍based on the CWP7 project. Visit our main websites and for reference.


The ClamAV Antivirus Scanner is an essential tool included in CWP7 (CentOS Web Panel 7). It provides an additional layer‌ of protection by scanning files and directories for known malware, viruses, and other ⁣potentially harmful content. In this article, we will explore the purpose and functionality of the ClamAV Antivirus Scanner and how it can help secure ⁢your website.

Why⁢ is the ⁣ClamAV⁢ Antivirus Scanner important?

When running a website, it’s crucial to ‍protect it‌ from malicious attacks. Hackers and‌ cybercriminals can inject harmful code or upload infected files‌ to compromise your website’s security. The ClamAV‌ Antivirus ‌Scanner acts as a shield, actively searching for ⁢and detecting any suspicious content on your server.

How does the ClamAV Antivirus Scanner work?

Follow these steps⁤ to understand how to effectively utilize the ClamAV Antivirus Scanner in CWP7:

  1. Access the CWP7 control panel by logging in to your ⁤account.
  2. Select ‌the “Antivirus Scanner” option from the left-hand sidebar menu.
  3. Click on the “Scan ‌Now” button to initiate a scan of your server’s files and directories.
  4. The ClamAV Antivirus⁢ Scanner will analyze each file for potential threats and display the results.
  5. If any infected files are detected, ​you can choose to quarantine or⁣ delete ⁢them​ using the provided options.
  6. Regularly ‍perform scheduled scans to ‍maintain ‌the security of your website and server.

Additional Tips for using⁤ the ClamAV Antivirus Scanner

  • Keep the ⁣ClamAV Antivirus‌ Scanner and its signature database up to date to⁣ ensure ⁤the highest level of protection.
  • Configure the scanner to automatically run daily or weekly scans to identify any new threats promptly.
  • Enable email notifications to receive alerts when the scanner detects potential threats.
  • Regularly⁣ backup your website and server⁢ to restore ⁤them in case of ⁣any⁣ unforeseen issues resulting from infected files.


At ‌Free ‍Spirits, we⁣ understand the importance ⁢of website security. The ClamAV Antivirus Scanner in CWP7 plays a vital role⁤ in safeguarding your website from ‌potential threats and attacks. By ⁢regularly scanning and‌ removing infected files, you can ensure the safety and reliability of your online‌ presence.⁣ For ‌fast, stable, ‌and ‌reliable hosting solutions based on the CWP7 project,​ feel free ‍to visit our main websites: and ⁤

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What is the ClamAV Antivirus Scanner in CWP7 used for?

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