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How do I set up product ratings and reviews in Virtuemart?

How do I set up product ratings and reviews in Virtuemart?

How do I set up product ratings and reviews in Virtuemart?

What are the necessary⁣ steps to configure product‌ ratings and reviews in Virtuemart?

How do I set Up Product Ratings and Reviews in VirtueMart?

Product ratings and reviews are an ⁢invaluable form of feedback for businesses and e-commerce stores that aim to improve their offerings and provide ​customers with‌ a better experience.⁤ Luckily, setting up product⁤ ratings and reviews in VirtueMart isn’t a difficult process.

Creating a Ratings and Review⁢ System

Before you can start using product ratings in ⁤VirtueMart, you’ll need to create and set up a ratings and review system. Fortunately, this ‍process ⁢doesn’t have to be complicated. VirtueMart comes with a built-in rating ⁣system, so​ all you have to do is set it up.

Step 1: Enable the Built-in Rating System

First, you’ll need‍ to enable the built-in rating system. To do so, go to the ⁣VirtueMart admin area, then ⁣navigate to the⁣ Configuration menu. From⁢ there, select Ratings and Reviews. Then, click the radio ‌button​ next to the ⁤”Enable⁢ built-in ratings and​ reviews ⁤in VirtueMart” option. Finally, click Save.

Step 2: Add Rating Options

Next, you’ll need to decide what ratings and reviews options to include. You can add‍ as many options as you like, but five‌ is usually the ideal⁣ amount. To add new ​options, click⁢ the Add Rating button and enter⁢ the rating name and rating description. ⁣For​ example, you might⁣ add ratings like “Quality” and “Value”.

Step 3: Enable Reviews

Finally, you’ll need to enable reviews. To do so, go to the Configuration menu ‌again and ​select ⁤Ratings and Reviews. From there, select the ratings option. Then, click the ​radio button next to ⁣the “Allow⁤ customers to submit reviews”⁢ option. Finally, click Save.

Setting Up Comments ‌for Reviews

Once you have ⁢your ratings and reviews system set⁢ up, you’ll need to add comments ‌for reviews. This⁣ step is optional, but it can be helpful⁢ when setting⁣ up your review system. To set up comments,⁢ go to the Configuration menu and then select Review. There, you’ll ‌see a list of comments you can enable. Check the boxes next to ⁤the comments you want to⁢ enable and then click Save.

Using an‍ External⁤ Plugin for Reviews

If you want to add more robust review and rating features than what is⁢ offered with the built-in rating system, you may want to consider using ⁣an external plugin. One of the best options is Product Reviews for VirtueMart, which is a⁤ free plugin that adds features like‌ star ratings,​ user profiles, and⁣ comment moderation. ⁣It can easily be installed‌ on your store‍ and is a great way to add more features to your ⁢reviews and‌ ratings.


Setting up product ⁢ratings ‌and⁢ reviews in VirtueMart ⁢may⁢ seem like⁤ a daunting task, but it doesn’t ‍have to be. By​ following the steps above, you’ll be‍ able to create a rating system that⁢ is useful and easy to use. If you need more‍ advanced features, you can ⁤always look into installing an external plugin. However you decide to approach it, setting up product ratings⁤ and reviews can help you provide customers with a better experience and ⁢improve your store.

If you run into any problems with setting up product ratings and reviews in VirtueMart, don’t⁤ hesitate to ⁤contact Free Spirits.⁤ We can help ⁢with any small or big project and ensure you get the results‌ you need.

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How do I set up product ratings and reviews in Virtuemart?

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