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How do I set up product ratings and reviews by verified buyers only in Virtuemart?

How do I set up product ratings and reviews by verified buyers only in Virtuemart?

How do I set up product ratings and reviews by verified buyers only in Virtuemart?

What steps‌ do I need to take to limit product ratings and reviews to verified buyers in Virtuemart

Product ratings and reviews are a great tool to help ​customers make informed decisions. They help‍ customers figure out which product is best for their needs and ultimately boost your sales. Fortunately, setting up product ratings and reviews by verified buyers only in ​Virtuemart is easy. Here are some simple steps to get you started.

1. Set⁤ Up Your System

The first step is to set up your system⁣ to accept and store reviews and ratings. In Virtuemart, this is especially simple as there is already a built in⁣ “Review” system. To enable it,⁣ go to the Virtuemart control panel and select the “Review” icon. Then set up the configuration options according to your preferences. You can also⁣ give different options for rating products, such as a 5 star rating system.

2. Verify Buyers

The next step in setting up ratings and reviews by verified buyers only is to create a ​system for verifying buyers.⁢ This can be done by linking the reviews to the customer’s purchase record. An easier way, however, is to make use of plugins. There are‍ several plugins available for Virtuemart that can help ​you easily create a system for verifying buyers and limit reviews to verified buyers only.

3. Monitor Reviews

Regular monitoring of reviews is‍ important in order to ensure that the reviews ‍posted‍ are relevant and helpful for customers. If necessary, remove any reviews that are not relevant ⁤or are offensive⁣ in anyway. You should also set up ‍a system for moderating​ and approving new reviews.‌ This will​ ensure that only quality reviews are posted.

4. Promote Reviews

Once your system is set up, don’t‍ forget to promote it. This can be ‍done ​through various channels such as email newsletters ​and social media. You can also encourage customers to leave reviews after⁣ a sale. This‍ will ensure that your ratings and reviews system ​is always⁣ up​ to date and useful for customers.

Setting up ratings and reviews by verified buyers ‍only in Virtuemart is⁤ easy and straightforward. All it takes is a few ⁢simple steps and you will have a ⁤great​ system in place. If you need any help setting up your‌ system or ​have any⁢ questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Free Spirits www.freespirits.gr and www.fspirits.com. We are here to help with any small ‌or big project.

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How do I set up product ratings and reviews by verified buyers only in Virtuemart?

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