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Does AzuraCast support automatic song request approval or moderation?

Does AzuraCast support automatic song request approval or moderation?

Does AzuraCast support automatic song request approval or moderation?

‌ How does AzuraCast ‍handle song requests that require moderation

Does AzuraCast⁢ Support Automatic Song Request Approval or ⁢Moderation?

AzuraCast ⁣is‌ an open-source streaming solution designed for radio‌ station owners and small business owners who want to manage and create a premium ​streaming experience for their listeners. With AzuraCast, ⁣users can easily host radio stations over the internet with minimal setup. But when it comes ⁢to song request⁢ management, does AzuraCast​ have⁤ any support for automating‍ song request approval or moderation?

AzuraCast Song Request Management Options

AzuraCast doesn’t offer an automated process⁤ for approving or moderating song requests. However,⁤ it does⁢ offer users various ‌ways to ⁤manage⁣ and‍ visualize ⁢requests to ​ensure ‍their station⁤ is playing the music their listeners are requesting.

Manual Management

For⁣ small⁤ radio ⁣station owners, manual management⁤ is an option. With ‌manual‍ management, station owners can log​ into their‌ AzuraCast station’s web interface and⁢ view song⁤ requests⁢ in real time. From there, station owners can approve, reject,⁤ or queue up requests. While this isn’t ‍an automated⁣ process, it is a great way for station owners to manually manage their songs requests.

Voting System

For radio stations‌ that receive large numbers​ of requests, AzuraCast offers a‌ voting​ system. With this system, users⁤ can vote thumbs ‍up or thumbs ⁣down on each song request. ⁢This allows station owners ⁢to quickly⁤ get an idea​ of what ‌songs their listeners want to‍ hear and makes it easier to manage ​the flow ⁢of requests.

Request⁣ Moderator Addon

For radio stations ​looking for a‍ more automated way​ to manage their song requests, there is the Request ⁤Moderator addon. The Request Moderator addon⁤ is a third-party add-on for AzuraCast that allows ​users to set⁢ up rules to automatically approve ⁤or ‍reject requests. This‍ means station owners will never have to manually approve ⁢or reject requests again.


AzuraCast offers ‍several options for managing song requests, both manual and ⁣automated.‍ While‌ AzuraCast does not offer an ​automated process for approving or ⁢moderating requests, ‍users can ⁤take advantage‌ of ⁣the ‌options available ⁤to make managing requests much easier. At Free Spirits, we ‌can help you with ⁢any Azuracast web radio project​ and provide professional and⁣ reliable ​e-radio services. ⁤Visit our main websites www.freespirits.gr and www.fspirits.com to get started.

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Does AzuraCast support automatic song request approval or moderation?

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