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Does AzuraCast offer an option to display album artwork on the player?

Does AzuraCast offer an option to display album artwork on the player?

Does AzuraCast offer an option to display album artwork on the player?

Does AzuraCast provide‍ support for image file types such ⁤as JPEG, PNG and GIF for album artwork?

Does ⁣AzuraCast offer an⁣ option to display ​album artwork on the player?

AzuraCast is an open source⁣ broadcasting platform that allows you to quickly and easily create a professional⁤ and highly customizable streaming media website. As a full-featured streaming platform, AzuraCast includes several easy-to-use features and configurations that allow you to tailor the streaming experience to your listeners. One of these features includes the option to display album artwork ⁤on the player.

How to Add Album Artwork to the Player

Adding album⁤ artwork to the player is a straightforward process that doesn’t require any additional tools or plugins. All you have to do is upload the album artwork file as part of the ⁣track information when you add the track to the station’s library. AzuraCast then automatically displays ​the‍ artwork on the player when the track is⁣ played. The artwork can be a file in JPG, GIF, or PNG format.

An important consideration is that, in order ​for the⁤ album artwork to be displayed on the player, the artwork must be embedded in the file. This means that the artwork must⁣ be part of the audio file itself⁢ rather than simply being an additional⁤ image file added to the track’s metadata. AzuraCast does not ​currently support non-embedded artwork.

Using ⁣a⁣ Plugin or an External Resource

If you don’t wish‍ to manually embed artworks⁤ in each audio file, you can use an external resource to add the artwork. There is a free plugin called‌ “Media‍ Artwork” available ⁢from the AzuraCast App Marketplace that can‌ help automate the process. With this plugin, you can easily add ​artwork to your‍ tracks and have ‌it automatically displayed on ‌the ​player. You can also use an external source such as Last.fm or Spotify to ‌find and download artwork for your tracks.


AzuraCast provides a simple and straightforward way to add​ album artwork to the⁢ player. Whether you choose⁢ to manually embed the artwork or use an external resource, the process is surprisingly easy. At Free Spirits, we are here⁣ to help with any Azuracast ‌web radio project. Our websites, www.freespirits.gr and www.fspirits.com, provide the fastest and most reliable e-radio services.

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Does AzuraCast offer an option to display album artwork on the player?

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