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Does AzuraCast offer a way to automatically share currently playing songs on social media?

Does AzuraCast offer a way to automatically share currently playing songs on social media?

What​ options does AzuraCast provide to share‍ currently playing songs on social media?

Does AzuraCast Offer A ⁢Way To ⁢Automatically⁣ Share Currently Playing⁣ Songs⁣ On ​Social Media?

Today many radio⁢ broadcasters ‍rely on popular ⁢streaming platforms such ⁤as AzuraCast to spread ⁣their‍ music and messages. AzuraCast ⁤provides a powerful,⁤ user-friendly way​ to manage and stream audio.⁢ But, one of the⁢ biggest questions broadcasters have​ is whether AzuraCast offers a way to automatically share currently playing songs on social ⁣media.

The good ​news is that there is a ‌way to share your music automatically on social media ​using AzuraCast. AzuraCast’s‍ Now Playing API allows you to trigger automated posts to social media‌ that display each track’s‍ metadata. This means you don’t have to manually post songs to⁣ your​ social media accounts when they’re playing‌ on-air.

So, let’s take a look at how you can ⁢set up automated ​posts using the ‍AzuraCast Now Playing API.

Configure the Now Playing​ API

First, you’ll‌ need to configure⁤ the Now Playing API in your AzuraCast account. To do this, go to the Settings page and enable the Now Playing API. ​Once ⁢enabled, you’ll need to configure ​the ‌API with ​your radio station’s URL so you can connect it to your social media accounts.

Add the Automated Posts‍ to Your Social Media

Next, you’ll need to add your‌ automated ⁢posts to your social media ⁢accounts. This is a simple process. You can do ‍it‍ manually with some basic HTML ​coding, or ‍you‌ can use a ⁣plugin such as⁢ “Simple Tune Links” for WordPress which⁢ makes it much easier. ⁢With either method, all you need ​to⁤ do is pass the track’s metadata from the Now Playing API⁤ and it will generate automated ⁢social media⁢ posts.


As you‍ can see, AzuraCast does offer a way to automate ‍your ​song-sharing on⁣ social media. This makes it​ easier to keep your followers updated ⁣when you have new music‍ playing on air.

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Does AzuraCast offer a way to automatically share currently playing songs on social media?

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