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Can I set up product videos in Virtuemart?

Can I set up product videos in Virtuemart?

Can I set up product videos in Virtuemart?

Is there a specific file format that product videos should be in to be ‌compatible with​ Virtuemart

Can I​ set Up Product Videos in Virtuemart?

Virtuemart⁢ is an ⁤open-source e-commerce ‌solution that​ can be used for institutional and business websites.​ It offers a great⁣ range of ‍features,⁣ but an often ⁤overlooked ‍one is​ the ability to set up product videos. While this can be a big help for offering​ detailed visuals ⁣of your products, many people don’t ⁤know how to ‌set ​up product videos. In ⁣this article, we’ll ​take ​a look at what ⁢it⁤ takes to set up product videos in Virtuemart.

Why Use Product Videos?

Product videos are a great⁤ way⁤ to provide customers with an interactive look at products. ‍This can ‍especially be beneficial for products that are difficult to visualize or explain in words. Customers can see how each ⁤feature works in a way that evokes their ⁤visual⁤ senses more than any written description could.

Setting Up Product Videos

Setting up product videos ‍in Virtuemart is ‍as simple as adding an HTML tag to your product page. To do this, you’ll need​ to log into your Virtuemart account and then browse to the ‌product page you want to add⁢ a video to.⁤ Then simply add the⁢ HTML tag to the product ⁣page.

The HTML tag you ​need to add is ⁢