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Can I offer product subscriptions or recurring orders on WooCommerce?

Can I offer product subscriptions or recurring orders on WooCommerce?

Can I offer product subscriptions or recurring orders on WooCommerce?

⁣ What technical requirements or configurations are​ necessary to enable product ​subscriptions or recurring orders‍ on WooCommerce

When it comes to selling products online, ⁢using a subscription or recurring order model can be a⁤ great way to increase revenue. On WooCommerce, ⁢you⁤ can easily⁤ offer product subscriptions and recurring orders⁣ to your customers. In this article, we’ll take a look at​ some of the best methods for setting ‍up subscriptions and recurring⁤ orders on WooCommerce.

Subscriptions and Recurring Orders with⁣ WooCommerce

WooCommerce provides ⁣an ‌easy way to⁣ offer recurring billing/ payment products and services on your ‍website.⁣ With the‍ WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, you can easily setup subscription products that charge customers ‍on ⁣a‍ scheduled basis, ‌such‌ as⁤ monthly ⁢or yearly. You can also offer⁣ variable ⁤subscriptions and multiple subscription packs to customers. And, customers can easily upgrade, downgrade,‌ or cancel their subscriptions ⁤from their ​My Account ⁢page, making it easy for them to manage their subscriptions.

Creating a Subscription Product

To create ⁤a ⁣subscription product in WooCommerce, start by going to Products and click “Add New”. Select “Subscription” from ⁤the product type dropdown menu. Enter your product’s name, description, images, price, and other settings on the “General” tab. Then go to the ‌“Subscription” tab and‍ enter your subscription⁣ details, such as the ⁢subscription start date, billing interval (how often the subscription‌ payments will⁣ be charged), length of the‌ subscription (how long the subscription will last), and other settings. When you’ve finished, click ⁢“Publish” to make the ​product available for purchase. If you’re offering ⁤multiple subscription packs, you can also add them from the “Subscription” tab. ⁣

Selling Variable ⁢Subscriptions

If you’re offering variable ⁣subscriptions, such as monthly and yearly subscriptions‍ for the same ⁢product,‍ you‍ can ‌use the WooCommerce ⁢Subscriptions Variations add-on. This add-on allows‍ you to add multiple subscription variations to a single⁤ subscription ‌product, making it easy for customers ⁤to choose the ⁤subscription option that’s right for them.

Additional⁣ Features

To further enhance ⁤your subscription products,‌ you can use the ​WooCommerce Subscriptions Force⁢ Sells add-on. This add-on allows you to⁣ create “forced subscription” products, which require customers⁢ to ‍purchase a subscription in ⁣order to purchase other products. You can ⁢also use the WooCommerce Subscriptions Pre Orders add-on to⁣ offer prepaid subscriptions, and⁣ the WooCommerce Subscriptions In Cart Trial add-on to offer free trial‍ periods for new subscription products.‌


As you can see, WooCommerce makes it ⁢easy to setup and manage subscription and recurring orders on⁢ your site. If you need help getting started, or want to explore the additional features mentioned here, Free Spirits can help. We⁣ specialize in WordPress ​projects, including creating custom ⁤WooCommerce Subscriptions solutions. Visit our websites www.freespirits.gr and ⁣ www.fspirits.com to learn⁤ more, ‍and to book a free consultation.

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Can I offer product subscriptions or recurring orders on WooCommerce?

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