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Does AzuraCast support scheduled playlists?

Does AzuraCast support scheduled playlists?

Does AzuraCast support scheduled playlists?

‌What are​ some of the advanced capabilities of AzuraCast’s playlist scheduler

Are you a keen web radio owner? Are you looking ‍for an easy and efficient way to ‌manage your scheduled playlists? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going⁢ to look‌ at how AzuraCast supports scheduled playlists, and offer up some helpful⁢ tips for implementing them.

What ‌is a​ Scheduled Playlist?

A scheduled playlist is a pre-built set of audio ​content that‍ is broadcasted at a particular time​ or times throughout a given ⁣period. It can be ⁤programmed ahead of time and scheduled to run automatically, eliminating the need for a live DJ​ or manual changes. Scheduled playlists are ideal for ‍radio stations that⁤ don’t have a full-time staff and need to be able to rely on the same quality and⁣ quantity of programming every‌ day.

Does AzuraCast Support Scheduled Playlists?

Yes, AzuraCast ‍does​ support scheduled ⁣playlists. In‍ fact, it’s easy to create and manage⁤ them with the help of AzuraCast’s intuitive interface. There are‌ two main ways ‌to do this – through the Scheduled Playlists ⁤feature, or through the Playlists Manager feature.

The Scheduled Playlists feature ​allows ⁢you to upload a pre-made​ playlist, set up its playing time, and specify⁤ its ​properties. Properties such as what day of the ⁣week it should run, its start and end ​time,‌ and the maximum number of songs it should play. You can also set up custom ⁣rules to trigger the scheduling⁢ of certain audio content at particular times.

The Playlists Manager feature gives ‍you the ⁢ability to create and manage⁢ multiple playlists. It’s ‌easy to configure different playlists for ‌different timeslots, and you can also customize playlists with⁢ custom rules. This makes ⁤it easy to create rotating playlists or variety-hour programs.


AzuraCast makes ​it easy to set⁤ up and manage scheduled ‍playlists. We’ve outlined the two main ways to do ⁢this,​ and offered up some ‌tips to help ⁢you get the​ most out of your radio station.

At Free Spirits, we provide expert radio services to‍ help you make ​the most of ⁤your ⁣Azuracast web radio station, ‌including support for scheduled playlists.. Visit www.freespirits.gr and www.fspirits.com to learn more about our services.

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Does AzuraCast support scheduled playlists?

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