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How do I set up a wholesale price list for specific customers in Virtuemart?

How do I set up a wholesale price list for specific customers in Virtuemart?

How do I set up a wholesale price list for specific customers in Virtuemart?

How can I differentiate pricing for ⁤different customer groups in Virtuemart

How do I set up a ⁢wholesale price list for specific customers in Virtuemart?

VirtueMart is ⁤a popular e-commerce and⁤ shopping cart software often used to ⁤create a ⁣fully functional online store. ‌You can use it to set up individual wholesale prices​ for different customers according to their needs. This article will ‍provide useful tips on how to do this.

Overview of setting up a wholesale price ​list ‌in Virtuemart

  • Create user groups for⁢ your customers.
  • Assign different discounts for each‌ user group.
  • Configure discount settings for‌ each product.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Create user groups for your⁢ customers. This ‌will allow you‌ to ‍assign‍ different levels ‌of discounts to different customer groups.​ You can do ⁤this by​ logging in to your ⁣VirtueMart‌ admin panel ⁢and navigating to “Users ⁣& Groups”⁣ and then “User Groups”. Here you can add ​new ⁣groups by clicking the New button and entering the details.⁢ By selecting the option to assign a discount to a group, you can enter the discount percentage that will apply to‌ purchases made by‍ customers in that group.

2. Assign different discounts for each user group. You can do ‍this by navigating to the “Discounts” section in the admin⁤ panel. Here, you can set the individual percentage discount levels for each user group. ⁢Depending on the needs of your business, ‌you can use either a‌ fixed numerical discount amount, or a​ percentage-based discount ​based on the user group.

3. Configure ​discount settings​ for each product. In the “Products”⁣ section of the admin panel, you can configure the⁣ discount settings‍ for each product. Here,⁢ you can set the group-level discount percentage that will apply to customers⁣ in each user‍ group. This will ⁢allow⁢ you to offer‌ dynamic discounts that are personalized for each customer group.

Additional Tips

  • If you need an even more fine-grained approach to setting ‌up the individual discount⁤ percentages,‌ you can⁣ use the free ⁤extension “VM Discounts” for this‌ purpose.
  • You can also⁣ set up a bulk-discount system for⁣ customers ​who​ purchase more than one product. This will allow them to get discounts⁢ on the entire purchase.


Setting up a wholesale price list in VirtueMart is a​ straightforward process, but requires some setup. ​With the tips‌ discussed in this article, you should now be able to successfully configure discount settings for specific customers. If you ‌need⁢ any assistance with this or any other website development projects, then Free Spirits ‌www.freespirits.gr and www.fspirits.com are here⁢ to help. We ​have experienced web developers available to help with any ‍small or big‌ projects you may have.

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How do I set up a wholesale price list for specific customers in Virtuemart?

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