Azuracast Web Radio L - Freespirits Streaming

web radio L

Web Radio L

Get a personalized web radio with great and unique features. With each package we provide you with the ability to stream at maximum bitrate, create your own online playlists and use them with Auto Dj and with their timing. The player as well as all the widgets can be very easily integrated into your existing website Joomla, Wordpress or any other Open Source CMS you use. Alternatively you can play from the main page provided with your package. See the service in detail below and try it out.

Main package features

15GB capacity

320 Kbps Bitrate

Auto Dj

Unlimited listeners


Unlimited bandwidth

Dj Streamers


Web Radio / Your e-radio

Web Radio J is your own internet radio. It is the most economical solution to make your own broadcasts and even enjoy your personal music.

Control Panel

Management through Azuracast's popular panel. Simple and easy to use without any difficulties in its use. Try the panel using the details below and see all that we can offer you.


Password: demo

Auto DJ / Liquidsoap

The AzuraCast we offer you uses Liquidsoap as AutoDJ to create and manage audio streams (streaming). It converts input streams to the correct format for each attachment point, handles live connections from DJs, filters, compresses and manages all programmed playlists.


Organize all your songs into playlists that AutoDJ plays according to certain rules. For example, you can have one or more playlists that are considered "General Rotation" and play throughout the day, or playlists that play specific songs at a specific time period.

Programming Playlists

Do you have a retail store, do you want to set the music that will play in your bar or cafe? Are you interested in planning what to hear and when in your restaurant or tavern? Azuracast has you covered. You are given the possibility to program all your lists during the week and also the times you want a certain type of music to be played. All this and much more in one admin panel.

dj or streamer

DJ / Streamer

Add and specify the details of the DJs and Streamers you want to access and connect to Web radio by taking over to play music or even broadcast. Schedule the time as well as the day when each remote DJ or you can connect and take over the playback of music tracks or simply your show.


Guaranteed Uptime


Guaranteed support


Reliable Data center


Protected mode

Automated backup and restore capability

Telephone support daily

24/7 παρακολούθηση και ενημέρωση με E-Mail και SMS

Free 24/7 support via ticketing system

Duration: 365 days
Price: 96,77€