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Can I offer pre-order options for upcoming products in Virtuemart?

Can I offer pre-order options for upcoming products in Virtuemart?

Can I offer pre-order options for upcoming products in Virtuemart?

What features does Virtuemart have for managing​ pre-order options ‍for upcoming products?

Can I Offer Pre-Order Options for Upcoming Products in Virtuemart?

You are thinking about offering pre-order options for upcoming products in Virtuemart, but don’t know where to start?⁢ You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, you will learn how to offer pre-order options for upcoming products in Virtuemart and how you can benefit from this feature. We’ll discuss the possibilities and actionable tips that⁣ will help you out to achieve your goal.

What is Pre-Order?

Pre-order is ⁣a ‌purchase option provided from a seller to a potential customer. ​Pre-order guarantees that the customer receives the product when released. Pre-order option is beneficial for the customer as it allows them to guarantee a item before it releases. The seller benefits from‌ preorders, as it helps them to forecast the demand of a product ⁢and plan ahead for the release.

Benefits of ‍Pre-Order Options in Virtuemart

Virtuemart offers you‌ a way to provide pre-order options for upcoming products. This feature helps you to test‍ a product before ⁣its release, so you can ⁣decide whether the product is ready for‍ launch⁢ or if you need to make any changes. You can also protect ‌yourself against potential risks by getting people preordering.

Another major benefit ‍of pre-order options in Virtuemart is that it helps you create higher customer loyalty. ‌By offering pre-order options, customers will be more likely to return to your store for future purchases.

How To ​Add ‍Pre-Order Options in ‌Virtuemart

Adding preorder options in Virtuemart is relatively simple, but⁣ it requires some technical knowledge. To begin, you need to install and configure the VM⁢ Pre Order ⁢plugin,‌ which is available for free from Virtuemart’s⁢ Extension Directory.

Once‍ the plugin is installed, you can go to Virtuemart’s Products page and select the checkbox to enable pre-order. After that, you will be able to configure the settings for the⁣ pre-order options, ⁢such as the available payment options and the estimated delivery date.

You can also add a message for the customer regarding the pre-order options, such as a message letting them know when the product will be released.


Pre-order options can be​ a great way ‍to boost ​sales and build loyalty for your store. ​By offering pre-order options in ⁢Virtuemart, you can ensure that customers have access to products before they are released and get valuable feedback.

If you need⁤ help setting up pre-order options or managing any other tasks⁤ related to Virtuemart, Free Spirits www.freespirits.gr and www.fspirits.com⁢ can help. They have an extensive background with ‍developing eCommerce projects, and they can help you with any ‌small or big project.⁤

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Can I offer pre-order options for upcoming products in Virtuemart?

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